Can You Open EPS in Figma?

EPS, or Encapsulated PostScript, is a vector graphics file format created by Adobe Systems as an extension of the PostScript language. It is used for images that need to be printed or displayed on screen, such as logos and illustrations. EPS files are relatively small in size, but they can contain complex vector graphics with a high level of detail.

Figma is an online collaborative interface design tool. It allows users to easily create and share interactive prototypes, design mockups, and collaborate with others on projects. Figma has become increasingly popular for UI/UX designers due to its ease of use and ability to collaborate in real-time with other designers.

Can You Open EPS in Figma?

Yes, you can open EPS files in Figma. The application supports many different file types for importing and editing including AI (Adobe Illustrator), SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), PDF (Portable Document Format), JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), PNG (Portable Network Graphics) and EPS files.

To do this, simply select File > Open from the menu bar or drag and drop the EPS file into the editor. Once imported, you can edit the image using Figma’s powerful vector editing tools.

Figma also allows you to export your designs as EPS files so they can be used in other applications or distributed to clients or collaborators. To do this simply select File > Export from the menu bar and choose either “Export As” or “Export All”.

From there you’ll be able to choose your desired export format including EPS.


Yes, it is possible to open an EPS file in Figma. You can import them into the editor using File > Open from the menu bar or by dragging and dropping them directly into the editor window. Additionally, you can also export your designs as EPS files using File > Export from the menu bar.