Can You Put GIFs in Figma?

Using GIFs in Figma has become a popular way to add animation and movement to design projects. With the right tools, you can easily incorporate GIFs into your designs, and make them come to life.

Adding a GIF to your Figma project is simple and straightforward. All you need is an image of the GIF that you want to use.

Then, you can insert it directly into the project as an image asset. You can also upload a GIF from your computer or from a website, such as GIPHY.

Once you’ve inserted the GIF into Figma, you’ll be able to adjust its size and position on the canvas. You can also customize the opacity and add effects such as blurs or shadows.

You can also use Figma’s timeline feature to edit the animation of the GIF. This allows you to adjust how quickly it plays or pauses, as well as trim out parts of it that you don’t need. This is especially useful if you want to create an animated loop.

Using GIFs in other ways

GIFs don’t just have to be used for animation—they can also be used for typography, logos, and other elements in your designs. You can use them in combination with other design elements such as shapes and icons. For example, if you have a logo with an icon inside it, adding a GIF will make it look more dynamic.

Yes, You Can Put GIFs in Figma! With careful manipulation of effects and timelines, designers are able to add dynamic movement and life into their projects by using this powerful tool!