Can You Save Figma File as PNG?

Do you want to save Figma files as PNG? Well, it is possible and can be done with a few simple steps. Figma is a powerful design and prototyping tool that allows you to create beautiful designs with vector graphics.

It also makes it easy to share your work with others. However, there are times when you need to save your designs in other formats such as PNG or JPG. Fortunately, Figma makes this process quite simple.

How To Save Figma Files As PNG

The first step is to open the file in Figma that you would like to save as a PNG. Next, select the elements that you would like to export from the canvas. If you want to save the whole canvas, simply press “Ctrl+A” and all of your elements will be selected for export.

After selecting the elements for export, right-click on them and select “Export…” from the menu. This will bring up a new dialog window which allows you to customize the settings for your export. Here you can set the size, format (which should be set to “PNG”) and other options such as background color or transparency.

Once all of your settings have been adjusted, click “Export” at the bottom of the dialog window and your file will be saved as a PNG image! The exported file can then be used for whatever purpose you need it for – whether it is for web design or printing.


In conclusion, it is possible to save Figma files as PNG images with just a few simple steps. All that is required is selecting the elements from the canvas and adjusting some settings in the export dialog window before clicking “Export” at the bottom of the window.