Can You Use Canva Free Fonts Commercially?

Canva is one of the most popular online design tools that allows users to create stunning visuals with relative ease. It has a wide range of design elements, including fonts, which can be used to customize the look and feel of any project. So, can you use Canva free fonts commercially?

The answer is yes, you can use Canva free fonts commercially. Canva makes it easy for users to search for and find fonts that meet their needs.

The selection includes a variety of styles, from bold and modern to classic and vintage. Furthermore, all the fonts in Canva’s library are licensed for commercial use. This means that you can use them in projects or products that are intended to generate income or revenue.

Canva also offers premium font packs that come with additional features such as unique lettering styles, multiple weights and variants, extended language support, and custom vector graphics. These premium font packs can be purchased separately or as part of an all-in-one subscription plan. Purchasing a subscription gives you access to all of Canva’s design elements, including its library of fonts.

Using Canva’s Free Fonts For Commercial Purposes

When using Canva’s free fonts for commercial purposes, it is important to follow the appropriate licensing guidelines. Generally speaking, this means crediting the original creator whenever possible—for example by giving them attribution in your project or product. Additionally, some premium font packs may have additional requirements such as notifying the original creator when used commercially.


In conclusion, you can use Canva free fonts commercially as long as you follow the appropriate licensing guidelines and give credit where due. Purchasing a subscription gives you access to all of Canva’s design elements including its library of free and premium fonts.