Do Students Get SketchUp for Free?

Are you a student interested in using SketchUp for your design projects? If so, you might be wondering if there is a way to get SketchUp for free. In this article, we will explore whether students can access SketchUp at no cost and how they can take advantage of this powerful 3D modeling software.

SketchUp for Students

SketchUp is a popular software used by professionals and hobbyists alike for creating 3D models of buildings, interiors, landscapes, and more. It offers a user-friendly interface and powerful tools that make it easier to bring your ideas to life.

SketchUp Free vs. SketchUp Pro

Before we dive into the topic of whether students can get SketchUp for free, it’s important to understand the different versions of SketchUp available. There are two primary versions: SketchUp Free and SketchUp Pro.

SketchUp Free:

  • This version is web-based and accessible through most modern web browsers.
  • It offers basic functionality and is suitable for simple projects or beginners.
  • You can create 3D models, import/export files, and use some essential tools.
  • Note: SketchUp Free requires an internet connection to use.

SketchUp Pro:

  • This version is the premium offering from Trimble, the company behind SketchUp.
  • It includes advanced features like LayOut (for creating presentations) and Style Builder (for customizing styles).
  • SketchUp Pro also allows you to use extensions/plugins to enhance functionality.
  • Note: A license is required to use SketchUp Pro, and it is not available for free.

SketchUp for Education

Now that we understand the different versions of SketchUp, let’s explore whether students can access SketchUp for free through educational programs.

SketchUp for Schools:

  • Trimble offers a web-based version of SketchUp called “SketchUp for Schools” specifically designed for K-12 education.
  • This version is accessible through Google Classroom and provides a simplified interface suitable for younger students.
  • Schools can sign up for a free account to give their students access to SketchUp for Schools.

SketchUp Pro Student License:

  • Trimble also provides discounted licenses of SketchUp Pro to students enrolled in an accredited educational institution.
  • To qualify, you will need to provide proof of your student status, such as a valid student ID or enrollment letter.
  • The student license allows you to use the full functionality of SketchUp Pro at a significantly reduced cost compared to the commercial version.


In conclusion, while there are free versions of SketchUp available, such as SketchUp Free and SketchUp for Schools, the fully-featured SketchUp Pro is not available for free. However, students can take advantage of special educational discounts to obtain a student license of SketchUp Pro. Whether you choose the free version or opt for the pro version with its enhanced features, using SketchUp can greatly benefit your design projects and help you unleash your creativity.