Does Canva Have Color Palettes?

Canva is an online platform that allows users to easily create stunning visuals with their library of professional design tools and resources. One of the most popular features on Canva is its color palettes, which allow users to quickly and easily select a palette of colors that best suit their project.

Canva’s color palettes are created by professional designers who have taken the time to carefully curate color combinations that work well together. The color palettes are divided into different categories such as pastels, brights, neutrals, and more so users can quickly identify which palette suits their project the best. Each palette contains five distinct colors that can be used in combination or individually to create a cohesive design.

The platform also offers users the ability to customize each color palette to suit their individual needs. By clicking on any of the five colors in the palette, you can adjust its hue, saturation, and brightness until you create your own unique color combination. This makes it easy for users to personalize their designs without having to manually mix different colors together.

Canva also provides additional tools such as Color Guides, which shows users how certain colors look when used together or how they will appear on different backgrounds. This feature is especially helpful for those who want to experiment with different color combinations before using them in a design.


Yes, Canva does have color palettes. These professionally-created palettes make it easier for users to select a range of colors that work well together for any project. Users can also customize the colors in each palette and use additional tools such as Color Guides for further experimentation with different combinations.