Does Canva Have Free Templates?

Canva is an online design platform that enables users to create stunning visuals for any purpose. From social media graphics to posters, flyers, and more, Canva’s user-friendly tools make it incredibly easy for anyone to create beautiful designs.

One of the best features Canva offers is their extensive library of templates. With thousands of templates available, users can quickly find the perfect design to fit their needs.

And the best part? Many of these templates are free!

Canva’s free templates come in a variety of styles and themes, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you need a template for a brochure, flyer, logo, or social media post, Canva has you covered. Plus, all the templates are fully customizable so you can tweak them to better suit your project.

In addition to their impressive selection of free templates, Canva also offers premium templates for those who want even more customization options. These premium templates come with additional features such as professional layouts and graphics that can be used to create unique designs.


Overall, Canva is an excellent choice for anyone looking to quickly create stunning visuals without having to start from scratch. With thousands of free and premium templates available on the platform, users can find whatever they need in no time at all. So yes – Canva does have free templates!