Does Canva Have Postcard Templates?

Canva is a graphic design platform that enables its users to create custom designs for business and personal use. It offers a wide range of design templates, including postcard templates for printed cards or digital cards. With Canva’s postcard templates, users can create unique designs in minutes with their own photos, text, and graphics.

Canva’s postcard templates come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different needs. They range from standard 4×6 inch postcards to larger 5×7 inch cards. The templates are also customizable with the user’s choice of background colors, fonts, graphics, and text. Canva also offers pre-made layouts which make it easy to create beautiful designs quickly without having to start from scratch.

Canva also provides additional features like frames and stickers which can be used to further customize the postcards.

The user can also edit the template with their own images or photos by simply dragging and dropping them onto the design canvas. With these features, Canva makes it easy for users to create personalized postcards for any occasion.

In addition to creating postcards with Canva’s template library and editing tools, users can also print their creations directly from the platform. Canva provides high-quality printing services so that users can produce professional-looking cards without having to leave their homes or offices. Users can select from several paper types like glossy paper or matte paper as well as different finishes like rounded edges or square corners depending on their preference.


Yes, Canva does have postcard templates available for its users. The platform offers a wide selection of customisable templates in various sizes and styles that are easy to use even for novice designers. Furthermore, users can print their creations directly from the platform using Canva’s high-quality printing services.