Does Canva Have WordPress Themes?

Canva is an online graphic design platform that allows users to create visual content quickly and easily. It has a wide range of features, including templates, images, fonts, and more. But does Canva have WordPress themes?

The answer is yes – Canva does offer a selection of WordPress themes. These themes are available in both free and paid versions, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. The themes range from simple blog layouts to complex e-commerce stores, giving you the flexibility to create a website that meets your exact requirements.

The Canva WordPress themes are designed with user experience in mind. They provide easy-to-use page builders that make it simple to customize pages without any coding knowledge.

The built-in drag-and-drop functionality allows you to simply drag elements into place and customize them as desired. This makes it possible for anyone—even those without any technical expertise—to create beautiful websites quickly and easily.

In addition to the ready-made themes, Canva also offers a range of tools and resources that can help you customize your WordPress site even further. The Theme Editor tool gives you access to all the HTML files of your theme, allowing you to tweak and adjust the code as needed. You can also use the Custom CSS tool to add custom stylesheets for additional control over how your site looks and functions.


Canva does offer WordPress themes for users who want to build their own websites quickly and easily. These themes are available in both free and paid versions, giving users the freedom to choose the one that best suits their needs. Furthermore, Canva provides additional tools for further customization of any theme chosen.