Does Canva Make Money?

Canva is a powerful cloud-based graphic design platform that enables users to create stunning graphic designs without requiring any prior knowledge or experience in design. It has become an increasingly popular tool among businesses, marketers, and content creators due to its intuitive user interface and wide range of features.

But the question remains: Does Canva make money?

The answer is a resounding yes. Canva has been able to generate significant revenue through its subscription-based Pro plan and by selling templates, images, and other assets through its Marketplace.

The Pro plan allows users to access additional features such as unlimited storage, access to over 60 million royalty-free photos, premium fonts and illustrations, and more. Additionally, the Marketplace allows users to purchase premium templates, images and other assets created by talented designers around the world.

Canva also generates revenue through partnerships with companies such as Adobe and Microsoft. These companies pay a fee for access to Canva’s platform for their own internal teams as well as for their customers. This allows Canva to monetize its platform in a variety of ways.

In addition to these monetization strategies, Canva has also raised millions of dollars from venture capital firms in order to expand its reach globally. This has enabled them to grow their team and develop new features that have helped them remain competitive in the market.


It can be concluded that Canva does indeed make money through subscription plans, partnerships with other companies, and venture capital investments. This success is due in part to their intuitive user interface as well as their wide range of features that allow them to appeal to businesses, marketers, content creators and more.