Does Canva Print Folded Cards?

Canva Print is an online printing service that allows you to create and order all kinds of printed products. It offers a range of products from business cards and postcards, to posters and custom apparel.

One of the types of products Canva Print offers is folded cards. These are double-sided cards that fold in half for a more professional look.

Folded cards come in different sizes, shapes, and paper types, allowing you to choose something that suits your brand or message. When ordering your folded cards from Canva Print, you can choose the size, paper type and quantity. You can also customize the card’s design using Canva’s online design tools, or upload your own artwork.

The process is simple and easy to do. First, select the folded card size and paper type you want to use.

Then choose a template or upload your own design. Once you have designed your folded card you can add text, graphics and photos to make it stand out even more. Finally, review your design before placing your order.

Canva Print also offers specialized services such as foil printing or die-cutting for an extra fee if you want something truly unique. This means that you can create something truly special with Canva Print, no matter what kind of folded card you’re looking for.

In conclusion, yes Canva Print does offer folded cards for those looking for a professional look for their business cards or promotional materials. With its user-friendly online tools and customization options, it’s easy to create something unique with Canva Print that will help you stand out from the competition.