Does Canva Pro Have Background Remover?

Canva Pro is a powerful design tool that enables users to create graphics, logos, presentations, and social media posts with ease. It’s a great option for any business or individual who wants to create professional-looking content quickly and easily. One of the features offered by Canva Pro is its background remover, which enables users to remove the background from an image or graphic with just a few clicks.

How Does the Background Remover Work?

The background remover in Canva Pro works by identifying and isolating the elements in the image that you want to keep from those you want to remove. To use it, simply select an image from your library and click on the “Background Remover” option in the left-hand menu.

Then drag your mouse around the edges of the element you want to keep until it’s completely surrounded. Once this is done, Canva will automatically detect any remaining elements that need to be removed and allow you to delete them with a single click.

What Are Some Benefits of Using Canva Pro’s Background Remover?

Canva Pro’s background remover provides several benefits for users who need professional-looking results fast. It can save time by eliminating the need for manual selection of areas in an image or graphic that need to be removed.

It also ensures accuracy by automating this process so that only desired elements remain while unwanted ones are quickly eliminated. Additionally, this feature allows users to apply transparency effects or blend two images together seamlessly.


Yes, Canva Pro does have a background remover feature which allows users to quickly and accurately remove unwanted elements from their images and graphics. This feature provides several benefits such as saving time, ensuring accuracy, and allowing users to apply transparency effects or blend two images together seamlessly.