Does Figma Cost Money?

Figma is a popular design tool used by professionals and teams around the world. It’s a powerful, user-friendly, and affordable program for creating designs, from web and mobile apps to logos and marketing materials. So, does Figma cost money?

The short answer is yes – Figma does cost money. However, there are several different packages available depending on what your needs are.

For individuals just getting started with Figma, there is a free tier that provides access to the basic features of the program. This includes basic object manipulation, vector editing tools, and collaboration features. There are also several paid plans available for more advanced users that provide access to additional features such as version control, asset library integration, animation tools, and more.

If you’re part of a larger organization or team looking to use Figma for multiple projects or campaigns, then the Enterprise plan is likely the best option. It includes all of the features of the other plans plus additional team collaboration tools such as project management integrations and security measures. The Enterprise plan also offers unlimited storage space for your assets.

Generally speaking, Figma is quite affordable compared to other design programs on the market today. Prices range from $12 per month for individuals to $45 per month for teams of 10 or more members. For large organizations needing an Enterprise plan there are custom pricing options available.


In conclusion, Figma does cost money but it is still an affordable option compared to other design programs on the market today. There are several different plans available depending on what you need from the program so it’s important to evaluate your needs before making a purchase decision.