Does Figma Have Repeat Grid?

Figma is a powerful, web-based design tool that is becoming increasingly popular among designers. It makes collaboration within teams easier, and offers a comprehensive suite of features for creating web and mobile apps, websites, and more.

One of the features that sets Figma apart from other design tools is its repeat grid tool. This feature allows users to quickly create multiple copies of an object with a few clicks, saving them time and effort.

The repeat grid tool works by allowing users to select an item in their design, such as a textbox or image. Once they have selected the item, they can then drag the selection box around to create multiple copies of the item.

The number of copies created will depend on the size of the selection box. This makes it easy to create grids of images or text boxes quickly and easily.

The repeat grid tool also provides users with additional customization options. They can adjust the spacing between items in their grid as well as add additional items like frames or shapes. This makes it easy for designers to create complex layouts without having to manually create each individual element.

In addition, Figma allows users to save their repeat grids as a template so they can quickly use them again in future projects. This helps designers save time when designing complex layouts and ensures that all elements are aligned correctly.

Overall, Figma’s repeat grid feature is very useful for designers who need to quickly create grids or layouts in their designs. It saves time and helps ensure that all elements are correctly aligned with each other.


Yes, Figma does have a repeat grid feature which enables designers to quickly create multiple copies of an object with just a few clicks. The feature also allows users additional customization options such as adjusting spacing between objects and adding frames or shapes. Ultimately, this feature helps designers save time by creating complex layouts without having to manually construct every element and ensures that all elements are properly aligned with each other.