Does Figma Have Stock Images?

Figma is a design software that enables designers to create and collaborate on projects in the cloud. It’s quickly become the go-to design tool for many creatives, due to its intuitive interface, powerful features and collaborative capabilities. But one of the common questions many people have is – does Figma have stock images?

The answer is yes! Figma has a wide range of stock images available, including photos, illustrations, icons, and more.

These images can be used as part of your designs to help create a unique look and feel. Plus, they’re all royalty free so you don’t have to worry about copyright issues.

Figma also offers an array of templates that you can customize with your own images or use pre-made designs. You can add in text and images, adjust fonts and colors and more. Figma makes it easy to create beautiful designs without having any coding knowledge.

In addition to stock photos and templates, Figma also provides access to thousands of plugins that you can use in your projects. These plugins are designed by third-party developers and allow users to extend the capabilities of their designs. From animation tools to color palettes, there’s something for every designer.

From its intuitive design tools to its extensive library of stock photos and plugins – Figma is one of the best design software out there for creatives who want to make stunning visuals without needing any coding knowledge.


Yes! Figma has a wide range of stock images available for designers looking to create unique visuals without needing any coding knowledge. They also offer an array of templates and plugins that allow users to extend their designs even further.