Does Figma Have Text Wrap?

Figma is a powerful collaborative design and prototyping tool. It’s used by designers and developers alike to create and share designs, prototypes, and illustrations. One of the features of Figma that makes it so powerful is its text wrap capabilities. Text wrap in Figma allows you to quickly add a new line or paragraph to your text without having to manually add it in or use any special formatting.

Figma’s text wrap can be used in several different ways. You can use it to quickly add a new line or paragraph to your text, or you can use it to wrap your text around objects. This means that instead of having your text running off the edge of the screen, you can have it neatly wrapped around shapes and other objects. You can also use Figma’s text wrap for more complex layouts, such as creating columns of text or wrapping your text around a circle or other shape.

How Does Text Wrap Work?

Text wrap in Figma works by applying a “wrap” option to the layer containing the text. When this option is enabled, Figma will automatically adjust the size of the layer so that all of the text fits within the bounds of the layer. The “wrap” option can be found in the “Layer Settings” panel on the right side of the screen when a layer with text is selected.

What are Some Other Benefits of Using Text Wrap?

In addition to providing an easy way to add new lines and paragraphs to your text, using Figma’s text wrap feature also has other benefits. For example, if you’re creating a design that requires multiple columns of text, then using Figma’s text wrap feature will save you time since you won’t have to manually adjust each column separately.

Using Figma’s text wrap feature also helps keep your designs consistent since all layers with wrapping enabled will automatically adjust their size when new lines or paragraphs are added. This means that if you need to make changes later on, then any wrapping layers will adjust accordingly.


Yes, Figma does have Text Wrap capability which makes it easier for designers and developers alike to quickly add new lines and paragraphs into their designs without any manual adjustments necessary. It also provides consistent results across all wrapping layers when making changes later on down the line.