Does Figma Professional Include FigJam?

Figma Professional is a powerful collaborative design tool for teams, allowing them to work faster and smarter on projects. It offers an array of features that make it easy to collaborate with others, such as real-time collaboration, a comprehensive library of components, and a powerful set of tools for creating user interfaces. But one of the biggest questions people have is: does Figma Professional include FigJam?

The answer is yes! Figma Professional includes all of the features and capabilities of FigJam, the company’s companion product for creative collaboration.

This includes features like drag-and-drop editing, unlimited canvas sizes and shapes, integrated chat and comments, as well as access to shared libraries. You can also use FigJam to create prototypes and gather feedback from stakeholders in order to ensure your project meets its goals.

Figma Professional also offers additional features that are not available in FigJam. These include the ability to add interactive elements to your designs such as hover states or animations, advanced tools for prototyping and testing user flows, as well as access to real-time analytics about how users are interacting with your design. Additionally, Figma Professional provides an enterprise-level security system that allows teams to control who has access to their projects.

Overall, Figma Professional is a great choice for teams who want to collaborate more efficiently and effectively on their projects. With all the features included in both products combined, teams can take their designs from concept to completion quickly and easily.


Yes, Figma Professional does include the features of FigJam – making it an ideal choice for teams looking for an all-in-one collaborative design tool. With its comprehensive feature set and enterprise-level security system, teams can rest assured that their projects will be completed quickly and securely with Figma Professional.