Does Figma Work With Github?

Figma and Github are two essential tools for developers, but do they work together? Let’s explore how Figma and Github interoperate, and answer the question: Does Figma Work With Github?

What Is Figma?

Figma is a cloud-based graphic design software that enables users to collaborate in real-time on interactive designs. It allows teams to easily create wireframes, mockups, icons, illustrations, prototypes, and more. It also provides an API that enables teams to access their designs programmatically and integrates with popular tools like Slack and Jira.

What Is GitHub?

GitHub is an online version control system that allows developers to store their code in a secure repository. It also provides collaboration features like pull requests and code reviews so teams can work together on projects with ease. Additionally, it integrates with popular tools like Travis CI for automated testing and Heroku for deployment.

Does Figma Work With GitHub?

Yes! Figma has built-in integrations with GitHub so users can sync their designs automatically with a repository. This makes it easy for designers to keep their work up to date by pushing changes from Figma into GitHub as soon as they’re made. Additionally, developers can view the latest design updates from within their project’s codebase so they can quickly start coding the latest version of the design.


In conclusion, the answer to ‘Does Figma Work With Github?’ is yes! By using Figma’s built-in integration with GitHub, designers can easily sync their designs with a repository so developers have access to the latest version of the design. This makes collaboration between designers and developers easier than ever before.