Does Frontify Work With Figma?

Frontify is an all-in-one design system and brand management platform, designed to help businesses create a consistent and impactful visual identity. It enables users to have a clear view of their brand, from logos to webpages, across all departments. With Frontify, users can manage their brand assets, collaborate with teams, and create high-quality visuals.

One of the main features of Frontify is its integration with other design tools like Figma. Figma is a collaborative interface design tool which allows designers to create user interfaces quickly and collaboratively.

By integrating with Figma, Frontify provides users with the ability to not only manage their assets but also keep up with their team’s design updates in real time.

The integration between Frontify and Figma allows for easy collaboration between teams. Designers can use the Figma Editor to make changes in the designs and these changes will be synced in real time on the Frontify platform. This helps reduce the time spent on back-and-forth communication between designers as they are able to work together in one place.

The integration also allows users to upload their designs as assets into Frontify without leaving Figma. This helps streamline the process of managing assets, as users don’t have to jump back and forth between platforms or manually download files and then upload them into Frontify.

In addition, by integrating with Figma, users can also preview how their designs will look on different devices before they publish them live. This helps ensure that all designs look great across different devices.

In conclusion, yes, Frontify does work with Figma – it provides users with a powerful integration that enables them to manage their assets easily while keeping up with their team’s design updates in real time.