Does Jira Integrate With Figma?

Jira and Figma are two of the most popular tools used in software development and design. Jira is a project management platform that helps teams plan, track, and manage projects with ease. Figma is a powerful design tool that enables teams to create stunning visuals in an intuitive way.

The two tools are often used together by teams to create an efficient workflow. With Jira, teams can manage their projects and tasks, while with Figma they can collaborate on designs.

By integrating the two tools, teams can reduce time spent switching between different applications by having all their tasks and designs in one place.

Thankfully, Jira does integrate with Figma. This integration allows teams to easily keep track of progress on designs within their Jira projects. It also allows for the two applications to communicate with each other so any changes made in Jira will be reflected in Figma and vice versa.

The integration between Jira and Figma makes it easier for teams to keep their projects organized while also getting the most out of their design workflows. It not only saves time but also makes collaboration smoother across the board as both applications stay up-to-date with each other.


Yes, Jira does integrate with Figma which is beneficial for teams looking to streamline their workflow. This integration allows the two applications to communicate so changes made in one application will be reflected in the other, thus making project management and design collaboration easier.