Does SketchUp Make Have LayOut?

SketchUp is a powerful 3D modeling software that allows users to create stunning designs and visualizations. One of the key features of SketchUp is its ability to generate 2D drawings and presentations using a companion program called LayOut. In this article, we will explore whether SketchUp has LayOut and how it enhances the overall design process.

What is LayOut?

If you are familiar with SketchUp, you might be wondering what exactly LayOut is. LayOut is a separate program that comes bundled with SketchUp Pro. It is specifically designed for creating professional-grade presentations, construction documents, and scaled drawings.

LayOut acts as a companion to SketchUp, allowing users to take their 3D models and transform them into 2D representations that can be easily shared with clients, colleagues, or contractors. It provides a robust set of tools for creating detailed floor plans, elevations, sections, and other types of construction documentation.

How Does LayOut Enhance SketchUp?

When it comes to architectural design or any other visual presentation, having the ability to communicate your ideas effectively is crucial. This is where LayOut shines by seamlessly integrating with SketchUp to produce compelling graphics.

Bold text: With LayOut’s extensive toolset, you can highlight important information or headings in your presentations using bold text. This helps draw attention to key points and improves readability.

Underlined text: Another way to emphasize certain words or phrases in your document is by underlining them. By underlining specific text elements within your presentation created using LayOut, you can make them stand out even more.

List Elements

  • Create organized lists:
  • LayOut allows you to create lists using the <ul> and <li> elements. This can be particularly helpful when summarizing key features or outlining steps in a process.
  • Better readability:
  • Lists help break down complex information into easily digestible chunks, making it easier for your audience to follow along.


In addition to bold and underlined text, LayOut also supports subheaders using HTML tags like <h2>, <h3>, etc. These subheaders provide a clear visual hierarchy, making it easier for readers to navigate through your document and find specific sections of interest.

The Benefits of Using LayOut with SketchUp:

By utilizing LayOut alongside SketchUp, you gain several benefits that enhance your design workflow:

  • Streamlined presentation creation: LayOut simplifies the process of creating professional-looking presentations by providing a wide range of tools specifically tailored for this purpose.
  • Accurate scaled drawings: With LayOut’s powerful dimensioning and annotation tools, you can create accurate scaled drawings directly from your 3D models.
  • Better collaboration: By sharing your LayOut documents with others, you can collaborate more effectively on design projects. Co-workers, clients, or contractors can easily review and provide feedback on your presentations.
  • Easier updates: If changes are made to the underlying SketchUp model, LayOut makes it simple to update all associated 2D views and annotations automatically. This saves time and ensures consistency throughout the design process.

In Conclusion

LayOut is an indispensable tool for SketchUp Pro users, offering a range of features that enhance the design process. With its ability to create detailed 2D drawings, presentations, and construction documents, LayOut ensures that your ideas are effectively communicated and easily understood by your audience.

Whether you need to create professional presentations or share accurate scaled drawings with stakeholders, LayOut’s integration with SketchUp makes it a powerful asset in your design toolkit.