Does Webflow Sell Domain Names?

Webflow is a popular website builder that offers an all-in-one solution for creating and managing websites. Many people wonder whether Webflow also sells domain names, as having a custom domain is essential for establishing a professional online presence. Let’s dive into this question and explore the options that Webflow provides.

Custom Domains in Webflow

When building a website with Webflow, you have the option to use a custom domain or a default subdomain provided by Webflow. A custom domain allows you to have a unique web address that reflects your brand or business, while a default subdomain includes “” in the URL.

Benefits of Using a Custom Domain

  • Professional Image: A custom domain gives your website a professional image, making it easier for visitors to trust your content and services.
  • Branding: With a custom domain, you can reinforce your branding by incorporating your business name or keywords into the URL.
  • SEO Advantage: Search engines tend to rank websites with custom domains higher than those with default subdomains.

Purchasing Domain Names

If you don’t already own a domain name, Webflow provides an integrated solution that allows you to purchase one directly from their platform. This simplifies the process of setting up your website and managing your domain within one account.

The Process of Buying a Domain in Webflow

  1. Create an account on Webflow if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Navigate to the Project Settings section where you can manage your site’s settings.
  3. Select the “Hosting” tab and click on “Add Custom Domain”.
  4. Enter the domain name you want to purchase and follow the prompts to complete the purchase.

Webflow offers a wide range of domain extensions, including popular options like .com, .net, and .org, as well as country-specific extensions like or .de. You can search for available domain names directly within the Webflow interface.

Connecting Existing Domains

If you already have a domain registered with another provider, Webflow allows you to connect it to your website seamlessly. This means you can keep your domain registration separate from your website hosting but still take advantage of Webflow’s powerful website building features.

The Process of Connecting an Existing Domain

  1. Access your domain registrar’s settings or DNS management panel.
  2. Update the DNS records according to Webflow’s instructions (provided in your account settings).
  3. Verify the connection in Webflow by following their verification process.

Note that connecting an existing domain requires some technical knowledge, such as modifying DNS records. If you’re not comfortable with this process, Webflow provides helpful documentation and support resources to guide you through the steps.

In Conclusion

In summary, Webflow offers a comprehensive solution for purchasing and managing custom domains. Whether you need to buy a new domain or connect an existing one, Webflow simplifies the process and ensures that your website is accessible through a professional web address. Take advantage of their integrated platform to create a stunning website with a custom domain that perfectly represents your brand.