How Can I Open Figma File in Desktop App?

Figma is a powerful, browser-based design tool that enables users to create interactive designs with ease. It is becoming increasingly popular among web designers, UI/UX designers, and product designers due to its intuitive interface and wide range of features.

Figma files can be opened in the desktop application with a few simple steps.

In order to open Figma files on the desktop application, you will need to install the Figma Desktop app first. Once installed, it will appear as an option when you open a Figma file from your desktop or browser.

You can then select the “Open in Figma Desktop” option. This will launch the app and open your file.

You can also use Figma’s drag-and-drop feature to open a file in the desktop app. To do this, simply drag your file from where it’s stored on your computer onto the Figma icon in your taskbar or dock.

Once you have opened a Figma file in the desktop app, you have access to all of its features, including layers, grids and layouts, typography tools, and more. You can also access any plugins you may have installed for even more options.

Figma’s Desktop App is great for those who want more control over their designs than what’s available in the web version of Figma. By taking advantage of what it has to offer, you can create beautiful designs with ease.


Opening a Figma file in the desktop application is easy and straightforward when using either the “Open in Figma Desktop” option or drag-and-drop feature when launching from your computer. With all of its features available for use on the desktop app version of Figma, users have more control over their designs than ever before.