How Do Figma Links Work?

Figma links are a great way to share designs with others. They allow you to quickly share designs with people without having to send them a large file or open up a web browser. You can just send out a link, and the recipient can view the design in an interactive way.

Figma links are very easy to use. All you need to do is create a Figma account and upload your design.

Once your design is uploaded, you can click the “share” button and generate a link that you can easily copy and paste into any message or email. The person receiving the link will be able to view your design in their web browser and make changes if needed.

The best part about Figma links is that they are secure and private. Every time someone receives the link, it will generate a unique URL that cannot be accessed by anyone else unless they have the exact same link as the original sender. This ensures that your design remains private and secure, even when shared with others.

Figma also makes it easy to collaborate with other designers using their “collaborate” feature. This allows multiple people to work on a single design at one time, making it easier for teams of designers to work together efficiently on projects without having to send files back and forth.

Another great thing about Figma links is that they are incredibly flexible. You can customize what parts of your design each person has access to, allowing you to control who can edit or view specific elements of your project. This level of customization makes it much easier for teams of designers working on complex projects together as everyone involved has access only to what they need and nothing more than necessary.

Overall, Figma links are an incredibly useful tool for designers looking for an easy way to share their designs with others. Not only do they provide security and privacy, but they also make collaboration between teams much more efficient by providing customizable access levels for each team member involved in the project.


Figma links provide an incredibly useful tool for designers who need an efficient way of sharing designs without compromising privacy or security while providing customizable levels of access for each team member involved in the project.