How Do Grids Work in Canva?

Grids are a great way to create visually balanced designs in Canva. By dividing the design area into rows and columns, grids allow you to easily organize and align your content. Not only does this make design easier, it also produces aesthetically pleasing results.

To use the grid in Canva, you first need to select the “Grid” option from the top menu bar. Then, select how many rows and columns you want your grid to contain. You can also adjust the spacing between boxes by dragging the slider. Once you have your grid set up, you can start adding elements to each of the boxes.

Aligning Elements

Once you have added elements to each box, it’s time to align them using the grid lines. To do this, simply select all of the elements that you want to align and then click on one of the alignment options at the top of Canva (top, bottom, left or right). This will instantly align all of your elements according to their respective grid lines.

Resizing Elements

You can also use grids to resize objects within Canva. To do this, simply select an element that needs resizing and then drag it along any of the grid lines until it is sized correctly. This makes precision sizing easy as everything is always aligned perfectly within a grid.

Final Thoughts

Grids are an essential tool for any designer using Canva as they make creating visually appealing designs much easier than without them. Grids enable precision alignment and sizing which produces professional results every time.


Grids are an incredibly useful tool when designing with Canva that enable precision alignment and sizing for perfect results every time. They make creating visually balanced designs much easier than without them as they provide structure for organizing content into neat rows and columns.