How Do I Activate Canva Pro on GitHub?

Using Canva Pro with GitHub can be an invaluable resource for developers and designers alike. It allows users to access Canva Pro’s advanced editing capabilities in a collaborative environment. With the ability to easily share projects, create custom templates, and manage multiple users, Canva Pro on GitHub can make the development process more efficient and organized.

Activating Canva Pro on GitHub

The first step to activating Canva Pro on GitHub is to create an account. You can find the sign up page located at the bottom of GitHub’s home page.

After signing up, you will need to install the Canva Pro app onto your computer. This will give you access to all of Canva Pro’s features, such as layers and photo filters.

Once you have installed the app, you will need to connect it to your GitHub account. This is done by going into settings within the app and providing your username and password for both accounts. You will then be able to access all of your projects from within the Canva Pro interface.

Once connected, you can start creating projects that are stored in GitHub repositories. To do this, simply select “Create Project” from within the main menu of the app. From here, you can choose a template or start from scratch with your own custom design.

You can also add collaborators to any project that you create in Canva Pro. This allows multiple users to work together on a single project without having to constantly send files back and forth.


Activating Canva Pro on GitHub is easy and convenient for developers and designers looking for a collaborative environment with advanced editing capabilities. By following these simple steps, anyone can quickly get started with creating projects that are stored in their own personal repositories while still being able to have multiple people work together on them simultaneously.