How Do I Add a Header and Footer in Canva?

Adding a header and footer in Canva is an easy way to give your design a professional and polished look. Canva provides tools for creating headers and footers that can be used for a variety of projects, from ebooks to logos.

With Canva, you can customize the look of your header and footer with colors, text, and images. You can also use the built-in templates to create something unique without spending extra time designing it yourself.

To add a header and footer in Canva, start by selecting the “Add Header” or “Add Footer” button in the top right corner of the canvas. This will open up a selection of options for you to choose from.

There are several pre-made header and footer designs to choose from that you can customize with your own text or images. You can also create your own custom header and footer from scratch by using the tools provided.

Once you have selected or created your own header or footer, you can customize it further with fonts, colors, images, and text boxes. You can add different elements to each layer of your design until you have achieved the exact look that you want. When finished, save your work so that it’s ready to be used in any project.

Styling Text in HTML Using <p>

When adding text to your design in Canva, you can use HTML tags like <p> for paragraph styling or <b> for bolding words. This will make it easier for viewers to read and understand the content on your page.

To do this, select the “HTML” tab at the top of the editor window before adding any text. This will open up an HTML editor where you can add HTML tags around any words or phrases that need styling before saving them.


Adding headers and footers in Canva is a great way to give any project a professional look without spending extra time designing it yourself. With Canva’s selection of pre-made templates as well as tools for creating custom designs from scratch, you can easily create something unique that suits the needs of your project perfectly. Lastly, using HTML tags like <p> and <b> when adding text will make it easier for viewers to read and understand what they are seeing on screen.