How Do I Add a Link to a Figma Image?

Adding a link to a Figma image is a simple way to make images in your designs interactive and actionable. Whether you need to link to an external website, open up a modal window with more information, or direct the user to another page in your Figma design, adding links can help improve the user experience of any design project. When you add a link to an image in Figma, it will appear as an interactive hotspot that users can click on.

Step 1: Select the Image
The first step in adding a link to an image is selecting the image itself. To do this, simply click on the image you want to add a link to. You should see it become highlighted and several options will appear above it in the properties panel.

Step 2: Link Properties
Once you’ve selected the image, you should see several options appear in the properties panel above it. Look for the ‘Link Properties’ option and click on it. This will open up a new window where you can enter in your desired URL or direct users to another part of your Figma document.

Step 3: Input URL
In this new window, you’ll be able to enter either an external URL or direct users within your Figma document. If you’re linking out to an external website, simply copy and paste the URL into this field and click ‘OK’ at the bottom of the window.

If you’re linking within your document, choose ‘Page Link’ from the dropdown menu and select which page within your document you want users to be directed towards when they click on this hotspot. Once all of these settings are entered correctly, click ‘OK’ at the bottom of this window again and your link will be applied!

Step 4: Testing Your Link
The last step is testing out your link! To do this, simply hover over the hotspot that appears around your image and make sure that when clicked it takes users where they need to go. Depending on how many other links are present on this page of your design project, there may be other hotspots that appear around other elements as well so make sure what you’re clicking on is actually linked correctly before moving onto another section of your project!

Adding links can help make any design project more interactive and engaging for users so if there are any parts of your designs that require some extra actionability consider adding links! With these steps outlined above, adding links to images in Figma should be easy and straightforward so go ahead and get started with improving user experience today.

Conclusion: Adding a link to a Figma image is simple with these four easy steps outlined above – select the image, open up ‘Link Properties’, input either an external URL or page within your document and test out that everything works correctly before moving onto other sections of your project! With these steps followed correctly, adding links should help improve user experience for anyone interacting with designs created using Figma.