How Do I Add a Shape in Canva?

Canva is an incredibly user-friendly online graphic design tool that enables users to create beautiful and professional designs in minutes. With Canva, you can easily add shapes to your designs and make them look even more stunning.

Adding shapes to your design can be used to emphasize certain elements or provide balance. Here are the steps on how to add a shape in Canva.

1. Login to your Canva Account

Before you can start adding shapes, you need to log in to your Canva account. If you don’t have one yet, simply visit the Canva website and click on “Create a Design”.

2. Select a Template or Start from Scratch

You can either select a template from the available templates or design from scratch by clicking on “Create a Blank Canvas”. You can customize the background of the canvas by selecting one of the available backgrounds or uploading an image of your own.

3. Add Shapes

Once you have selected a template or created a blank canvas, click on “Shapes” located at the left sidebar menu.

This will bring up all the available shapes that you can add to your design.

4. Select Your Desired Shape

Select any shape that appeals to you and drag it onto your canvas.

5. Resize & Position Your Shape

Once the shape is added, you can resize it by dragging its corner handles and position it anywhere on the canvas using your mouse cursor.

6. Change Color & Style of Shape

You can also change the color and style of the shape by clicking on it and selecting ‘Fill’ from its menu bar.

7. Add Texts & Elements Inside The Shape

If desired, you can also add texts and elements inside the shape by selecting ‘Text’ or ‘Elements’ from its menu bar.

With these simple steps, now you know how to add shapes in Canva! You can now easily create stunning designs with shapes that will help attract attention and make an impactful message in no time!

Conclusion: Adding shapes in Canva is easy with these simple steps! It’s an excellent way for users to emphasize certain elements or provide balance within their designs without much effort. With this knowledge, users are able to create professional designs quickly and effectively – making Canva one of today’s most popular online graphic design tools!