How Do I Add Adobe Fonts to Figma?

Adobe Fonts is an amazing typeface library with hundreds of high-quality, professional typefaces that you can use in almost any design project. But how do you add Adobe Fonts to Figma?

Figma is a popular vector-based design tool that lets you easily create and collaborate on designs. It’s great for web, mobile and UI/UX projects, but it doesn’t come with an integrated typeface library like Adobe Fonts. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get your favorite fonts into Figma.

The first option is to use Adobe Fonts directly in Figma. To do this, all you need to do is sign into your Adobe Creative Cloud account from within the Figma app.

Once you’re signed in, you can browse through the entire Adobe Fonts library and start using fonts directly in your designs. This is the simplest solution if all you need are basic web fonts for your project.

The second option is to download a font from Adobe Fonts and install it on your computer so it can be used in any design program, including Figma. To do this, simply go to the font page of the font you want to use on the Adobe Fonts website and click “Download” to save it as a file on your computer.

This file will contain both the web version of the font as well as desktop versions for Mac or Windows computers. Once downloaded, install the font on your computer using either Mac or Windows instructions found on their respective websites and then open up Figma and use it just like any other system font.

Finally, if neither of those options works for you, there are also third-party services like SkyFonts that let you easily sync fonts between multiple devices so they can be used anywhere – including in Figma! All you need to do is create an account with SkyFonts and then connect it with your Adobe Creative Cloud account so all of your fonts appear in one place.

In conclusion, adding Adobe Fonts to Figma is easy once you know how! If all else fails, third-party services like SkyFonts make it even easier – giving designers more freedom over their typefaces than ever before.


Adding Adobe Fonts to Figma can be done by signing into your Creative Cloud account from within the app or by downloading and installing them onto your computer. Additionally, third-party services like SkyFonts offer an easier way to access those same fonts across multiple devices. No matter what method you choose though, having access to high-quality professional typefaces should make any designer’s work much easier!