How Do I Add an Icon in Figma?

Adding an icon in Figma is an easy task that can be accomplished in a few simple steps. An icon can be used to give your designs a more polished look, and it can also help to bring attention to important elements of your design.

Figma provides a wide variety of icons for you to choose from, so it’s easy to find one that fits the style of your project.

To begin, open up the Figma file that you’d like to add an icon to. You’ll find all of the icons available in the “Icons” tab on the left-hand side of the interface.

Select one and drag it onto the canvas. If you need more control over how it looks, double click on the icon and use the selection boxes located around it to resize or rotate it as desired.

Once you’ve positioned and resized your icon, you can further customize its appearance by changing its color or adding a stroke around it. To change its color, double click on the icon and select “Edit Colors” from the context menu that appears. Here you can choose from any of the colors available in your project palette or create a new color if needed.

If you want to apply a stroke around your icon, select “Stroke” from the same context menu and adjust its thickness and color accordingly. You can also adjust other attributes like opacity, corner radius, or drop shadow if desired.

Conclusion: Adding an icon in Figma is an easy task that requires only a few steps. With access to a wide variety of icons as well as customizable options like color and strokes, users are able to easily create designs with professional-looking elements at their fingertips.