How Do I Add an Image From Unsplash to Figma?

Adding an image from Unsplash to Figma is a great way to spice up your designs. Whether you need a background image, an icon, or a logo, it’s easy to quickly pull from Unsplash’s vast library of free-to-use images. Here are the steps for adding an image from Unsplash to Figma:

Step 1: Find the Image You Want.

The first step is to find the image you want from Unsplash. You can search by keyword or browse their extensive library of images. Once you have found the image you want, click on it to open it in its own page.

Step 2: Download the Image. Once you have opened the page for the image, click on the download button in the upper right hand corner. This will download the full-resolution version of the photo directly onto your computer.

Step 3: Upload the Image into Figma. Now that you have downloaded your photo, open up Figma and go to File > Upload from Device. Select your downloaded photo and wait for it to upload into Figma.

Step 4: Resize and Place Your Image. Once your photo has uploaded into Figma, select it and use either direct selection or transform tools to resize and place it where you want in your design.

By following these steps, anyone can easily add an image from Unsplash into their design in Figma and begin creating stunning visuals with ease!

Conclusion: Adding an image from Unsplash to Figma is a quick and easy process that anyone can do with just a few clicks of their mouse! With its vast library of images available for free, Unsplash is an invaluable resource for designers looking to quickly add beautiful visuals into their work.