How Do I Add an Outline to an Image in Canva?

Adding an outline to an image you are creating in Canva can be a great way to add an extra layer of interest to your design. With Canva, you can easily create outlines around images that will help your design stand out and draw attention. Outlines can be used to create frames around images, or they can be used to make text and other elements stand out.

To add an outline to an image in Canva, start by selecting the image you wish to outline. You can then click on the “Outline” button at the top of the design interface.

This will open a menu with several outline options that you can choose from. You can select a color, opacity, angle, thickness, and other properties for your outline.

Once you have chosen the properties for your outline, click “Apply” and it will be applied to your image. You can then adjust the size of the outline by dragging it in or out with your mouse or by entering specific measurements in the “Width” and “Height” fields.

You can also use Canva’s advanced editing tools to customize the look of your outline even further. To access these tools, click on the “Advanced” tab in the top right corner of the design interface. Here you will find options for changing line style, line shape, line height, line width and more.

Once you are happy with how your outline looks, click “Done” at the bottom right corner of the design interface and your image with its new frame will be saved!

In conclusion, adding an outline to an image in Canva is a simple process that requires just a few clicks. With Canva’s advanced editing tools you can customize your outlines further to fit your desired look and style. Once applied, outlines are sure to help make any design stand out from the rest!