How Do I Add Canva Buttons to Canvas?

Canva Buttons for Canvas: Canva buttons are one of the most useful features of Canvas when creating digital products. With the Canva buttons, you can quickly create stunning designs for your projects without having to write out any code.

The Canva buttons make it easy to add a variety of shapes, designs, and text to your project.

To add a Canva button to your project, simply select the button from the toolbar in Canvas. You’ll then be able to customize the design, color, size and shape of the button as well as add text and other elements before saving it.

You’ll also be able to adjust the settings for the button such as how much space it takes up on the page or how visible it is when scrolling through your content. You can also set certain actions that will occur when someone clicks on your button such as opening a new window or redirecting them to another page.

Styling Your Buttons:

Once you have created your button in Canvas, you’ll be able to style it using CSS. This includes changing things like font size, color, and even adding hover effects such as changing color when someone hovers over it with their mouse. You can also add custom images or logos to make your buttons stand out from the rest.

Testing Your Buttons:

Before publishing your project with its new buttons, it’s important that you test them out first. This will allow you to ensure that they work properly and that they appear exactly how you want them too. Once satisfied with their performance and look, then you can go ahead and publish your project.



Adding Canva buttons to canvas is an easy process that allows designers to quickly create stunning designs for their projects without having to write any code. With customizing settings and styling options available through CSS, designers are able to make their buttons stand out from others while still ensuring they perform properly when clicked by users.