How Do I Add Font Awesome to Figma?

Adding Font Awesome to Figma is an easy way to take your designs to the next level. Font Awesome is a popular collection of vector icons that can be used to create logos, icons, and illustrations for websites, apps, and print projects. With Figma’s integration with Font Awesome, it’s possible to customize your designs in countless ways.

The first step in adding Font Awesome to Figma is to install the Figma plugin. This plugin can be found on the official Figma website or by searching for “Font Awesome” in the Plugin Directory. Once you have installed the plugin, it will appear in your Figma menu bar.

Next, you will need to sign into your Font Awesome account. If you don’t already have an account, you can create one for free on their website.

Once you have signed into your account, you’ll be able to search and browse through their library of vector icons.

Once you find the icon or icon set that you want to use in your design, simply drag it into your canvas from the browser window within Figma. From there, you can customize the size and color of each icon as well as add other elements such as text or shapes.

You also have the option of using HTML code within Figma, which allows you to style certain text elements using HTML tags such as <b>, <u>, and <p>. This is a great way to add more personality or emphasis on certain parts of your design.

Adding Font Awesome icons and styling text with HTML tags is a great way to make sure that your designs stand out from the crowd. With just a few simple steps, you can easily incorporate these features into any project created with Figma.


Adding Font Awesome icons and styling text with HTML tags in Figma is an easy way to take your designs up a notch. Installing the plugin and signing into your account gives you access to all of their vector icons which can then be customized by size and color as well as styled using HTML tags like <b> <u> < p >. With these simple steps, anyone can make their project look professional and unique.