How Do I Add Fonts to Mac Canva?

Adding fonts to Mac Canva can be a great way to give your designs a unique and professional look. There are many different methods you can use to add fonts to your Canva account, including uploading your own fonts, downloading free fonts from the internet, or purchasing licenses for commercial fonts.

If you want to upload your own font, you can do so by going to the “Settings” tab in the upper right corner of Canva and selecting “Manage Fonts”. From there, you can click the “Upload Fonts” button and then select the font file from your computer. Once uploaded, the font will be available in all of your designs.

If you would like to download free fonts from the internet, there are many websites that offer hundreds of free fonts for personal use. Once downloaded, simply drag and drop them into Canva’s “Manage Fonts” tab and they will automatically be added.

Finally, if you want access to more commercial-grade fonts, you may need to purchase a license in order to use them in Canva. You can find many commercial-grade fonts available for purchase on websites such as MyFonts or Fontspring.


Adding fonts to Mac Canva is an easy way to give your designs a unique look and feel. Whether you choose to upload your own font files, download free font files from the internet, or purchase licenses for commercial-grade fonts; all of these methods make it easy for anyone to create stunning designs with Canva.