How Do I Add Icons to Figma Design?

Adding icons to a Figma design is a great way of enhancing the visual appeal of your project. Icons add personality to your design, and can help to break up text and create visual interest.

Furthermore, they can provide clarity on the meaning of particular elements in your design by communicating an idea or concept succinctly. In this article we will look at how to add icons to Figma designs and some tips for styling them.

To begin adding icons to a Figma project, first select ‘Create Frame’ from the toolbar. This will create a frame within which you can draw or place any elements you would like.

Then click ‘Upload’ from the toolbar and select the icon you would like to use from your computer files. The icon will appear within the frame you created.

Once you have added an icon to your Figma design, there are several different ways in which you can style it. You can resize it by clicking on it and dragging its corners; this is useful for making sure it fits into the overall composition of your design. Additionally, you can use the Inspector Panel on the right side of your screen to adjust its color or add other effects such as shadows or blurs.

You can also group multiple icons together if they are related in some way; this helps keep everything organized and gives your design coherence. To do this, simply select all of the icons that you want to group together and then click ‘Group’ from the toolbar.

Finally, if you want to add more than one icon at once, there is a simple trick for doing so: Select all of the icons that you want to include in one frame, then right-click on one of them and select ‘Copy’ followed by ‘Paste’. All of the icons will then be placed within one frame – perfect for quickly creating compositions with multiple icons!

In conclusion, adding icons to Figma designs is a great way to make them stand out visually and convey ideas clearly. It involves creating frames and uploading icons from computer files before adjusting their size, color, effects etc., as desired. Additionally, grouping multiple related icons together provides coherence while copying and pasting multiple items into one frame is an easy way of quickly creating compositions with multiple elements.


Adding Icons to Figma Design is easy – all that’s required is creating frames for them before uploading them from computer files, adjusting their size/color/effects as desired before finally grouping related elements together for cohesion or copying/pasting multiple items into one frame for quick composition-making!