How Do I Add Individual Perspective in Webflow?

Are you looking to add individual perspective to your Webflow website? Look no further!

In this tutorial, we will explore various ways to incorporate personal touches and make your website truly unique. Let’s dive in!

1. Adding Bold Text:

If you want to emphasize certain words or phrases, using bold text is a great way to do it. To add bold text in HTML, simply wrap the desired text within the tags.

For example, if you want to highlight the word “unique”, you would write:

    <p>Make your website truly <b>unique</b>.</p>

2. Underlining Text:

If you prefer underlining text instead of using bold, you can achieve it with the underline element. Similar to bold text, wrap the desired text within the tags.

For instance:

    <p>This feature will make your website stand out with its <u>individuality</u>.</p>

3. Creating Lists:

Incorporating lists is an effective way to organize content and present information in a structured manner. HTML offers two types of lists: ordered lists and unordered lists.

a) Unordered Lists:

An unordered list is perfect for presenting a series of items without any specific order or priority. To create an unordered list, use the

    tag, and each item should be placed within

  • tags.

            <li>First item</li>
            <li>Second item</li>
            <li>Third item</li>

    Your list will appear as:

    • First item
    • Second item
    • Third item

    b) Ordered Lists:

    On the other hand, an ordered list is suitable when a specific sequence or priority is required. To create an ordered list, use the

      tag, and each item should be enclosed within

    1. tags, just like an unordered list.

              <li>First step</li>
              <li>Second step</li>
              <li>Third step</li>

      Your ordered list will look like this:

      1. First step
      2. Second step
      3. Third step