How Do I Add Mockups to Figma?

Mockups are an incredibly important part of the design process. They help designers visualize the flow and layout of their projects, as well as showcase their ideas to clients and stakeholders. But how do you add mockups to Figma?

Figma is a powerful design tool that allows you to quickly create mockups of your projects. It makes it easy to experiment with different layouts, color palettes, and typography before committing to any specific design choices. To add a mockup to your project in Figma, simply drag and drop it onto the canvas.

You can also add mockups from other sources such as Adobe Stock or Unsplash. Simply search for a suitable image, select it, and then drag and drop it into your project. You can also upload your own images or screenshots directly into the Figma editor.

Once you have added a mockup to your project in Figma, you can start styling it according to your needs. You can adjust colors, add effects such as shadows or gradients, change font sizes or styles, and more. And if you need more control over the look of your mockup, you can use Figma’s advanced features such as vector editing or adding custom shapes.


Adding mockups to Figma is easy thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. You can also upload images from other sources directly into the editor for further customization. Once added, you can easily style them with Figma’s advanced features for a professional look that will impress your clients and stakeholders.