How Do I Add Multiple Frames in Canva?

Adding multiple frames to a design in Canva is an effective way to create a professional looking layout. Frames can be used to highlight important information or add visual interest to the page. They can also be used to create space between elements and add structure and balance to a design.

The first step to adding multiple frames in Canva is to select the ‘Frames’ tab from the left-hand side menu. This will open up a selection of different frames that you can choose from. You can select from a variety of shapes, sizes and styles of frames, including circles, rectangles, lines and arrows.

Once you have chosen your frame style, you can then adjust the size and position of the frame on the page.

The next step is to add text or images into your frame. To do this, simply click and drag your text or image into the frame. You can then resize or rotate it as needed. If you wish, you can also adjust the colour and opacity of your frame using the ‘Edit’ button at the top of the screen.

Once you have added all your frames onto the page, you can then arrange them as desired by clicking and dragging each one into position. You may also wish to group several frames together by selecting them all with your mouse and then pressing ‘Ctrl+G’ on your keyboard.

Finally, if you are happy with how everything looks, click ‘File’ at the top-left corner of Canva and select ‘Save As’ in order to save your design onto your computer.

Conclusion: Adding multiple frames in Canva is an easy way to create a visually appealing design with structure and balance. By selecting from different shapes and sizes of frames, adding text or images into them, adjusting their size and position on the page, grouping them together if desired and saving it as a file – users can quickly create professional looking designs that they are proud of!