How Do I Add Properties to Variants in Figma?

Adding properties to variants in Figma is a great way to keep your designs organized, consistent, and on-brand. With Figma’s Properties panel, you can quickly edit multiple objects simultaneously and save time when making design changes. You can also add properties to variants in Figma to control the appearance of your designs across multiple versions of the same project.

To add properties to variants in Figma, start by selecting the object or objects you want to customize. In the Properties panel, click on “Variants” and then select “Create Variant”.

This will open up a window where you can name your variant and choose which properties you want included. You can also create a master variant, which will act as the baseline for all other variants.

Once you have created your variant, you can start adding properties. From the Properties panel, click on “Property” and then select any of the options available from the drop-down menu (e.g., color, opacity, size).

Then type in the value for that property. For example, if you want to change an object’s color from blue to green, type in “green” for the color property.

You can also use Figma’s Auto Layout feature to quickly apply specific properties across multiple objects. To do this, select all of the objects you want to apply changes to and then click on “Auto Layout” from the Properties panel. Here you can choose which attributes (e., width or height) should be equalized across all selected objects.

Finally, if you want to make sure that any changes made will update automatically across different versions of your design project, click on “Share Variants” from within Variants tab of the Properties panel. This will allow any edits made within one version of a project to be applied across other versions as well.


Adding properties to variants in Figma is an efficient way of creating consistent designs with minimal effort. By using the Properties panel and Auto Layout features in Figma, designers are able to quickly customize multiple objects at once and share these changes with other team members or versions of a project.