How Do I Add YouTube to Figma?

Adding YouTube to Figma is a great way to share your creative designs with the world. By using Figma’s powerful design tools, you can easily create and share stunning visuals that will help you get your message across. Figma also allows you to add YouTube videos directly into your designs, giving them an additional layer of interactivity and engagement.

Adding a YouTube video to your designs in Figma is easy.

First, open up the file where you would like to embed the video and click the “Insert” tab in the left-hand toolbar. Then click “YouTube” from the list of options available. This will open up a window where you can search for and select a YouTube video that fits with the design you are creating.

Once you have selected the video, it will appear in your design with a preview image. You can use this image as part of your design or replace it with another image if desired. To do this, simply click on the preview image and select “Replace Image” from the drop-down menu.

The YouTube video can then be customized further by adjusting its size, position, and aspect ratio using Figma’s handy resize and move tools. You can also adjust how it appears when clicked on by selecting “Settings” from within the video preview window.

Once complete, simply save your changes and share them with others or publish them online!

Adding YouTube videos to Figma makes it easy to create engaging designs that will help capture people’s attention and bring life to your work. Whether you are creating an educational video or just adding some extra flair to a project, adding YouTube videos is an excellent way to take your designs up a notch.

Conclusion: Adding YouTube videos to Figma is an easy process that helps bring more interactivity and engagement to any project. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can quickly add videos from YouTube into your designs for maximum impact!