How Do I Animate Text in Canva Free?

When it comes to creating stunning visuals, Canva is a great tool that allows users to easily design eye-catching graphics. One of the features that makes Canva stand out is its ability to animate text.

Animating text can help draw attention to important words, phrases, or phrases in your designs. It can also be used to add some visual flair and make your designs more engaging.

With Canva, animating text is incredibly easy and straightforward. To get started, simply open up the Canva editor and select the Text tool from the left-hand toolbar.

You can then type out the words or phrase you want to animate. Once you’ve typed out your text, click on the Text Animation option in the top toolbar and select an animation from the drop-down menu.

Canva offers a variety of animations for you to choose from, including fading in or out, sliding up or down, rotating left or right, and more. You can also customize certain elements of your animation such as speed and direction. Once you’ve chosen an animation that suits your design needs, click “Apply” and watch as your text animates.

In addition to animating text in Canva, you can also style it using HTML tags like , , and

. Using HTML tags will allow you to control how certain parts of your text look on the page. For instance, using the tag will bold any text enclosed within it while using the tag will underline any text enclosed within it.

All in all, Canva makes it incredibly easy for users to animate and style their texts for maximum visual impact. With just a few clicks of a button, users can add some extra life into their designs with animated texts or style their texts with HTML tags.


Animating and styling text with Canva is a great way to add some extra visual appeal to your designs. It’s easy to do with just a few clicks of a button and allows users to customize certain elements such as speed and direction for greater control over how their texts look on the page. Additionally, HTML tags like , , and

can be used when styling texts for greater control over how they appear onscreen.