How Do I Change a Component to a Solid in SketchUp?

Are you wondering how to change a component to a solid in SketchUp? Look no further!

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process to achieve this. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Select the Component

To start, open your SketchUp model and identify the component you want to change to a solid. Click on the component to select it. You’ll notice that it becomes highlighted.

Step 2: Right-click and Select “Make Group”

Once you’ve selected the component, right-click anywhere on the screen. A context menu will appear.

From this menu, hover over “Make Group” and click on it. This action will convert your component into a group.

Step 3: Enter Group Edit Mode

To modify the newly created group, double-click on it. This action will enter “Group Edit Mode.” You’ll notice that the group is now surrounded by a dashed bounding box.

Step 4: Explode the Group

In order to change the group into a solid, we need to explode it first. To do this, right-click inside the group and select “Explode” from the context menu that appears.


The explode function breaks down complex objects or groups into their individual components or surfaces.

Step 5: Create Solid Geometry

Now that our group has been exploded, we can proceed to create solid geometry from its components. First, select all of the individual components by dragging your cursor over them or by using Ctrl/Command + A shortcut for selecting everything.


If your model contains other loose geometry or objects that you don’t want to include in your solid, make sure they are not selected.

Step 6: Right-click and Select “Make Group”

After selecting the desired components, right-click anywhere on the screen. From the context menu, select “Make Group.” This action will convert the selected components into a new group.

Step 7: Exit Group Edit Mode

To finalize the process and exit group edit mode, double-click outside of the newly created group. The dashed bounding box will disappear, indicating that you are no longer editing the group.


You have successfully changed a component to a solid in SketchUp. By following these steps, you can easily manipulate your models to achieve the desired results.


If you want to make further modifications to your solid, simply enter group edit mode again by double-clicking on it.

  • Tips:
    • Keep backups: It’s always a good idea to keep backups of your original components before making any changes.
    • Naming conventions: Consider giving meaningful names to your groups and components for better organization.
    • Practice on copies: If you’re unsure about making changes directly in your original model, practice these steps on a copy or duplicate of your file.

With this newfound knowledge, you can confidently transform components into solids in SketchUp. Start experimenting and enjoy creating more complex and visually appealing models!