How Do I Change the Field of View in SketchUp?

Changing the field of view in SketchUp can greatly enhance your modeling experience, allowing you to better visualize and manipulate your 3D designs. In this tutorial, we will explore how to adjust the field of view in SketchUp using simple steps.

Step 1: Opening the Field of View Options

To begin, open SketchUp and navigate to the “Camera” menu at the top of the screen. Click on “Field of View” to access the field of view options.

Step 2: Adjusting the Field of View

Once you have opened the field of view options, you will see a slider that can be used to change the field of view. Dragging this slider to the right will increase the field of view, while dragging it to the left will decrease it.

Note: The default value for SketchUp’s field of view is 35 degrees.


  • Experiment with different field of view values to find what works best for your specific project.
  • A larger field of view can provide a wider perspective, useful for architectural visualization or landscape design.
  • A smaller field of view can create a more focused and zoomed-in effect, ideal for detailed object modeling or product design.

Step 3: Previewing Your Changes

To see how your changes affect your model in real-time, go ahead and make adjustments to the field of view slider while keeping an eye on your workspace. You will notice that as you increase or decrease the value, objects may appear closer or further away depending on their position relative to your camera viewpoint.


If you find that your model appears distorted or warped after adjusting the field of view, try readjusting the slider to a different value until you achieve the desired visual effect.

Step 4: Saving Your Field of View Preferences

Once you are satisfied with your field of view adjustments, click on the “OK” button to save your preferences. SketchUp will remember your chosen field of view for future sessions, allowing you to work consistently with the same settings.

Note: If you wish to reset the field of view back to its default value, simply click on “Reset Field of View” in the field of view options menu.


In this tutorial, we have explored how to change the field of view in SketchUp. By adjusting this setting, you can enhance your modeling experience and better visualize your 3D designs.

Remember to experiment with different field of view values and find what works best for your specific project. Happy modeling!