How Do I Change the Size of an Image in Figma?

If you’re a designer, chances are you have heard of Figma – the popular design platform. Figma is a great tool for creating professional designs, and it also has a lot of useful features for working with images. One of those features is the ability to quickly and easily resize images.

The process for resizing images in Figma is fairly simple. First, open up your project and select the image that you want to resize. You can do this by either clicking on the image itself or using the selection tool in the top toolbar. Once you have selected the image, click on “resize” in the right-hand panel.

In the resize panel, you’ll see several options for changing your image’s size. The most basic option is to manually enter a new width and height in pixels (px). You can also use presets like “Fit to Screen” or “2x” if you want to scale your image up or down quickly. Finally, there are also options for adjusting your image’s aspect ratio (width-height ratio) if needed.

Once you’ve entered your desired width and height values, click “Resize” at the bottom of the panel to apply your changes. Your image should now be resized according to your specifications!


Figma makes it easy to change the size of an image with its “resize” feature. All it takes is selecting an image, choosing desired width and height values, then clicking “Resize” at the bottom of the panel – and voila! You have successfully changed an image’s size in Figma!