How Do I Change Video Speed in Canva?

Changing the speed of a video in Canva is easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. There are two main ways to change the speed of a video in Canva – manually adjusting the speed or using one of the built-in tools.

Manually adjusting the speed of a video is simple, but it requires you to be very precise. To get started, open your video in Canva and select the ‘Speed’ option from the toolbar.

From there, you can use the slider to adjust the speed of your video. The higher you move it, the faster your video will play; conversely, if you move it lower down, your video will play slower. It’s important to note that if you adjust your video speed manually, it can affect its quality and make it difficult for viewers to follow along.

Using one of Canva’s built-in tools is another great way to change your video speed. Canva offers two different tools that allow you to easily adjust your videos without sacrificing quality: Speed Up or Slow Down and Quick Adjustments. Both tools are found under Video Tools in the right-hand column on Canva’s editor page.

The Speed Up or Slow Down tool allows you to choose between several pre-set speeds – Normal (1x), Fast (1.5x) and Slow (0.5x). It also gives you more control over how quickly or slowly your videos play by giving you an adjustable slider so you can fine-tune its speed just right for your needs.

The Quick Adjustments tool is ideal for making quick changes to videos without having to go through each individual frame or edit them manually. This tool allows users to instantly adjust their videos’ speeds by up to 5x with a single click – perfect for those looking for fast results!

Conclusion: Changing video speeds in Canva is easy and straightforward whether you choose to do it manually or use one of their built-in tools such as Speed Up or Slow Down or Quick Adjustments. Both methods provide users with an easy way to customize their videos quickly and effectively without sacrificing quality along the way!