How Do I Combine Canva Pages in One Page?

Allowing the user to combine several Canva pages into one page can be a great way to create more visually appealing designs. It can also help the user save time and effort in designing multiple pages.

By combining multiple Canva pages, the user is able to create unique layouts that can be used for different purposes.

The first step in combining Canva pages is to select the desired layout. This can be done by choosing a template from Canva’s library of templates or by creating a new layout from scratch.

Once the layout has been selected, the user should then add all of the elements that they would like to include in their design. This may include images, text boxes, shapes, lines and other items.

The next step is to customize each page within the combined design. This can be done by adjusting the size of elements or by changing their color, shape or position within the design.

The user should also consider how they would like to transition between pages within their combined design. This could include adding animations or transitions between each page.

Finally, once all of the elements have been added and customized, it’s time to save and publish their combined design. The user should make sure that they have saved their work before publishing it as this will ensure that all of their changes are retained when transferring it between devices.


Creating combined Canva pages is a great way for users to create more visually appealing designs quickly and easily.

It involves selecting a layout, adding elements, customizing each page and then saving and publishing the combined design. With these steps in mind, users will be able to combine multiple Canva pages into one page with ease!