How Do I Convert Figma to Real Website?

Figma is a powerful design tool that allows users to create and collaborate on designs with their team. It has quickly become the go-to design tool for many companies, as it offers a wide range of features to help make the design process easier.

However, one challenge that many designers face is how to convert their designs from Figma into a real website. Fortunately, there are several ways to accomplish this task.

Code Export

The first way to convert a Figma design into an actual website is to export the code from your Figma project. This can be accomplished by selecting “Export” from the File menu and then choosing “Code” as the file type. The code can then be copied and pasted into an HTML document which can be used as the basis for your website.

Design Frameworks

Another way to convert a Figma design into an actual website is by using design frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation. These frameworks provide pre-built components that you can easily customize with your own colors and fonts. This allows you to quickly create a website without having to write all of the code yourself.

Third-Party Tools

Finally, there are also several third-party tools available that allow you to quickly convert your Figma designs into an actual website.

These tools usually require you to upload your Figma project file, after which they will generate a fully functional website based on your design. Many of these tools also offer additional features such as code optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), and hosting services.


Converting a Figma design into an actual website is not always easy but it is definitely possible. By using one of the methods outlined above – whether it be exporting code directly from Figma, using a design framework like Bootstrap or Foundation, or utilizing one of many third-party tools – designers can easily take their designs from Figma and turn them into real websites in no time!