How Do I Convert Sketch Files to Figma?

Figma is an excellent platform for designing user interfaces and user experiences for digital products. It offers a wide range of features, including vector design, collaborative editing, and the ability to create prototypes. It’s a great tool for designers of all levels.

However, one difficulty that many designers face when using Figma is converting their Sketch files into Figma format. This can be a tricky process, as the two programs use very different formats for artwork and layers. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to convert Sketch files into Figma format quickly and easily.

The first step in converting from Sketch to Figma is to export the design from Sketch as an SVG file. This file can then be uploaded directly into Figma.

Once uploaded, you’ll need to adjust the size and position of your design elements so they fit correctly within the project canvas in Figma. You’ll also need to recreate any layer effects or masks that were applied in Sketch within the settings panel on each layer in Figma.

Another option is to use a plugin like Avocode or Craft Sync that can sync designs between Sketch and Figma automatically. These plugins will take care of any scaling issues or layer settings so that you don’t have to do it manually every time you want to switch between programs. The only downside is that these plugins cost money and are not available for free users of either program.

Finally, if you’re comfortable writing code, you can write your own custom conversion script using either the JavaScript API provided by Figma or the open-source library called Sketcher which provides an API for exporting from Sketch into other formats such as PDFs, SVGs, and PNGs. However, writing your own script requires more technical knowledge than using one of the existing plugins mentioned above so it might not be suitable for everyone.

No matter which method you choose, converting from Sketch files into Figma format doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. With a few simple steps (or a helpful plugin), you can quickly get your designs into their new home in no time!


Converting Sketch files into Figma format doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming; with a few easy steps (or a helpful plugin) it’s possible to quickly get your designs into their new home in no time! Whether you decide to export as an SVG file and manually adjust sizes/positions in Figma or use one of several available plugins that sync between programs automatically – with some patience and effort – it’s possible to successfully move your designs from one platform to another!